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Claro Education and Learning Centre offers an holistic approach to education with what we refer to as the circles of learning.


By identifying a child’s learning styles, we can identify what method of learning is most effective in retaining information. A child has a specific cognitive response to a style that suits him/her, and will therefore be more susceptible to retaining knowledge at a level that surpasses short-term cognizance.

By identifying a child's dominant quadrant in terms of whole brain learning, the talents and abilities pertaining to that quadrant can be nurtured, whilst the other quadrants can be developed.


By identifying a child's intelligences, learning can be modified in terms of the dominant intelligences so that information can be relayed correctly. In short all the circles of learning need to be addressed in order to develop a child's full potential.

Welcome to Claro Education & Learning Centre



Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic Learning Styles

Whole Brain Learning

Blue (fact based), Green (organised), Yellow (imagination) and red (feeling based)

Multiple intelligences

Linguistic; Naturalistic; Logical-Mathematical; Musical; Bodily-Kinaesthetic; Spatial-Visual; Interpersonal & Intrapersonal

Claro Eco-Club

We aim to become the first Eco-School of Impaq Centres.

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