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Claro Education and Learning Centre-Abou

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The Centre Structure

Claro Education and Learning Centre comprises of two branches. On the one hand is the Tutor Centre and on the other, the Learning Centre.

Tutor Centre

The tutor centre is very much like a private school, albeit significantly smaller and less expensive. It assists home school students with one-on-one tuition. The centre runs from 08:00 to 13:30 in the afternoons. Specialists facilitate learning in a safe, comfortable environment. Learners have the opportunity to sit with a teacher or tutor and ask questions to their hearts’ content. We assist each and every child with patience and understanding. The tutor centre offers a CAPS curriculum (we make use of Impaq and Mindscape curriculums) with a National Senior Certificate at the end of matric. Please note that the registration for Impaq/Mindscape and the registration for Claro is separate. You will therefore complete an Impaq/Mindscape registration form in order to receive the learning material, and then complete a Claro registration form in order for Claro to facilitate your child's learning.


The tutor centre has facilities where learners can complete their practical assignments in the FET phase (Grades 10 to 12). These include facilities for Hospitality Studies; computer facilities for CAT and IT subjects and Art and Drama specialists for creative progress. Tutors in specialised fields are available upon request. All the above is included in the price. We cater for learners Gr R to 12.

Learning Centre

The second branch is the learning centre that runs from 13:00 to 17:00 in the afternoons. The learning centre offers the following:


  • Extra Classes in all subjects

  • Learning styles and methods

  • Assistance with homework and portfolio work

  • Art classes

  • Drama Classes

  • Remedial Learning

  • Reading skills

  • Research skills

  • Public speaking

  • Creative writing

  • Chess

Note that homework assistance can be booked at any time. The specialised subjects must be pre-booked. The learning centre caters for children who need assistance in subjects that are not entirely explained in the classroom. Children with dyslexia and reading problems take up to three times longer to complete a task and therefore need more attention in terms of developing their abilities. At Claro Education and Learning Centre learning is not a punishment and tasks are presented in fun and colourful ways. This ensures that the learner does not become overwhelmed or bored and is increasingly able to finish tasks timeously.


For children who want to increase their potential, learning methods and memory exercises are the order of the day. For those who want a career in writing, creative writing courses are presented in order to develop their creative abilities. Art classes are presented by professionals who possess years of experience and achievements in their respective fields. Research classes assist learners and students in preparation for university modules.


One of the most important factors in completion of assignments is in-text referencing and proper sourcing of information. Universities have strict non-plagiarism policies that need to be adhered to. Learners need to be taught this during their school years. For the creative souls there is also an opportunity to develop public speaking and drama skills. Assistance is provided in the form of pronunciation, projection, eye contact, general use of space, body language and interaction with audiences. For parents who do not have time in their busy schedules to retrieve their children from school at a certain time, Claro Education and Learning Centre offers general after school care programs. Children will be able to complete their homework in a safe environment, play and buy lunch at our tuckshop.


At Claro Education and Learning Centre we do not merely focus on information that needs to be relayed, but pride ourselves in seeing and accepting each individual for who he/she is, and we nurture the talents that they possess whilst developing those that they aim to possess.



Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic Learning Styles

Whole Brain Learning

Blue (fact based), Green (organised), Yellow (imagination) and red (feeling based)

Multiple intelligences

Linguistic; Naturalistic; Logical-Mathematical; Musical; Bodily-Kinaesthetic; Spatial-Visual; Interpersonal & Intrapersonal

Claro Eco-Club

We aim to become the first Eco-School of Impaq Centres.

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